The Best Cricut Tools For Cardstock Crafts

Fine point blade
This is the blade that you will be using to cut all your cardstock, you won’t need to buy another blade as it comes standard with all Cricut machines. Cardstock is usually very thin and isn’t thick enough that you will need to use the deep point blade.

It also comes in a gold version called the Premium Fine Point Blade. They perform the same function, the Premium version is simply made from stronger materials and made to last longer.

Foil Transfer Tool
This is a tool that allows you to use pressure to transfer the foil from the sheet to the cardstock. It requires some finesse to achieve a truly gorgeous result, but if you closely follow a few basic steps you will be well on your way to mastering this tool in no time!
This tool comes with three different tips, each a greater thickness than the one before. This allows better flexibility in project type and achieving some really cute results.

A small scale test is important to know if the cardstock you are wanting to apply the foil onto will work correctly. The Cricut foil transfer tool does not work with all cardstock types, and may leave gaps where the foil hasn’t properly transferred onto the paper.

An alternative to the Cricut Foil Transfer Tool is the Foil Quill. This tool uses heat instead of pressure to achieve better results. It works on so many more paper types, and I have found the results to be far more consistent. It also fits Cricut, Brother and Silhouette machines, making it more versatile if you own more than one brand of machine.

Writing with your Cricut opens up a world of new possibilities. Pens come in so many varieties, from 0.03 super fine pens, glitter pens, 1mm metallic markers, to Infusible Ink pens that you can use on t-shirts and mugs, the options are endless.

Collecting pens has become a new hobby for me, there are so many fun Cardstock projects I can make and so many ways I can make a plain project come to life!

Scoring Stylus
Available for Explore/Maker machines. One of the main advantages of cardstock is being able to fold the cardstock in many different ways to create awesome things. The scoring stylus is a great, versatile way to create many awesome 3D projects!

Only one Quick Swap housing is needed, the tips can be bought separately. They are easily interchangeable by pressing the silver button at top of the gold gear top, and the tip at the base will pop off. You can easily slip the next tip on.

Scoring Wheel
Serves as an alternative to the Scoring Stylus, as it rolls across the cardstock, instead of dragging. Comes in both the single and double scoring wheel varieties which makes it suitable for even thicker cardstock types.
Designed to produce a deeper, better scored result.
Note: This looks very similar to the Rotary blade, but is a totally different blade.

Debossing Tip
With this tip you are able to both Emboss and Deboss cardstock to create gorgeous raised designs. These are perfect for wedding invitations, or creating gorgeous and unique card elements.

Perforation Blade
This blade creates a much easier perforation line, so you don’t have to manually create one. This tool allows you to create unique projects very easily, projects like admittance tickets in a row, or fun cards where you have to tear off a part to reveal a hidden message!

Wavy Blade
A tool to create a unique wavy edge to any simple straight edged shape. The shape of the blade allows it to roll along your material and create a wavy lined edge, instead of a straight edge.
It is not recommended to use this on rounded shapes, as it works similarly to a rotary blade and may destroy your mat.

Used to make sure that the material is stuck to the mat so it doesn’t move while being cut, and extends the lifespan of your mats.
Roll the tool over your material on the mat to ensure it is securely fastened to the mat.

XL Scraper
Useful in removing large quantities of debris that is left on the mat after removing your cut item from the mat.
Hold scraper at a 45 degree angle, and you don’t need to exert too much pressure for optimal results.

Good Cardstock
AC Cardstock and Couture Creations plain cardstock are the best medium cardstoscks to use for a wide variety of crafts.
These brands are solid core cardstock – the cardstock is the same colour all the way through, and not white core where you can easily see the white on the sides when you use it for a variety of different crafts.

Double Sided Tape
Double sided tape is a great alternative to glue and can be a cleaner method of sticking things together. Also available in foam versions to create dimension in some of your projects.

A good glue
Many inferior or watery glues can cause your cardstock to warp if they are not intended to be used on cardstock. I prefer to use a thicker, stronger glue. Stamperia Craft Glue and Bearly Art Precision Craft Glue are very popular choices. In the end, it comes down to personal preference, and what you have available to you.

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