How to Upload patterns in Cricut Design Space

Uploading patterns to Cricut Design Space is a quick and easy process that anyone can do with just a few clicks of the mouse. Once you learn how to upload a pattern into Cricut Design Space, there are so many more projects you can easily make!

With Cricut Design Space, you can upload your own images and patterns to use in your print then cut projects, or you can choose from many different patterns and images that are already available in the software.

What you will learn in this tutorial:

  • How to upload a pattern into Cricut

How to upload a Pattern into Cricut Design Space

Step 1

From your canvas click on Upload on the left hand side of the screen near the bottom of the list.

Step 2

Click on Pattern fill on the next screen.

Step 3

With Pattern fill selected, click on Upload Pattern.

Step 4

Make sure your file type is either a .jpg, .gif, .png or .bmp. You can Drag and drop the file from your computer explorer, or click Browse and search for the file.

Step 5

Once you have selected the file, choose a Pattern Name for it – something that is relevant to what is in the image.

You can also select the relevant Colours that are in the image itself – this helps with searching your patterns at a later stage.

Step 6

After you have clicked Upload you will see a banner saying “Pattern Upload Successful“. It will disappear after a few seconds, so don’t upload the pattern a second time as you cannot delete an uploaded pattern at this moment!


You can now upload many different patterns to Cricut Design Space, and make so many amazing things! If you want to learn how to use the Patterns in a project, be sure to check out this post to help you on your journey!