Cricut Newbie Starter Shopping List - Must Have Tools

When I was a Cricut newbie I was very excited to get started, but I didn’t know what I needed to buy – it was all so overwhelming. I purchased so many things that went unused for months. This list is because I want you to save your money, and not make the same mistakes I did.

The basic toolset is the cheapest thing to buy when getting started. For more options, the essential toolset has better flexibility and value for money, but at a higher price tag. The TrueControl weeding kit, brayer, and XL scraper should be next on your list no matter your craft type.

There are a few other tools I might move higher or lower down the list depending on the type of crafts you want to make. But let’s also look at tools that are more suited to one specific craft in this list below.

1. Basic or Essential toolset

This one depends on your budget, but I would recommend spending a tiny bit more and getting the essential toolset. The essential toolset contains the same tools as the basic toolset, with a few useful extras. Not only in this set do you get a trimmer, but you also get the scoring stylus, which opens up a world of new crafts.

The trimmer is useful to cut down much larger pieces of vinyl, but also to trim off smaller excess pieces. It comes with a scoring attachment, which is a separate tool from the scoring stylus. It is stored underneath the trimmer itself and works very well for cards.

The scoring stylus is used in your Explore/Maker machines to score a variety of materials and is mainly used to create amazing 3D paper creations. It opens up so many possibilities for crafting projects to be made!

2. TrueControl Weeding Kit

The TrueControl knife is my favourite craft knife of all time. I have about 7 different craft knives in my craft knife graveyard – and none of them hold a candle to the True Control knife. It is perfect for anyone and so many projects – whether you use your Cricut or not.

The blades lock into place by turning the bottom part of the tool, and when unlocked you press the bottom in to pop the blade out at the top. If this doesn’t stay locked – return it to where you purchased it from, or call Cricut Customer Care to get a replacement.

The TrueControl Weeding Kit comes with a craft knife, weeding tool, hooked weeding tool, and piercing tool. There is so much flexibility in this one purchase and replaces a few different products.

The softer grip of this tool makes it my immediate go-to weeding tool over the one that comes in the Essential toolkit. I actually have one in each colour – and each colour has a different tip! (Yes, I am totally extra haha)

3. Brayer

Also referred to as the Applicator and Remover, is so useful to buy as a newbie because it allows you to have fewer failed projects right from the beginning.

Although your mats are still very sticky when starting your Cricut journey, it can be easy to still not have your material stick down to your mat properly. It is really important to stick your material down because if you don’t, the pressure of the blade while cutting will dislodge the material – messing up your cut.

By using the brayer, you can push out any bubbles, and make sure that your material will not move when you are in the middle of a cut. Pushing out bubbles will help with more accurate cuts, as the material won’t move around when the blade presses down on it. 

4. XL Scraper

I prefer this one over the smaller scraper that comes in the toolsets, as it is much easier to use, and makes cleanup so much easier.

Now this tool is a little more useful when working with cardstock and vinyl projects, but is still one of my favourites. When making a cardstock project, it helps to scrape off the little pieces that are left behind after you have taken your cardstock off the mat.

When working on your vinyl projects, this tool is useful for a few different reasons. The first one is to more easily burnish the transfer tape on your vinyl – the bigger surface area gets the job done so much faster. Another use is to make the process of getting the vinyl off the backing sheet and onto the transfer tape much easier.

5. Self-Healing mat

To protect your work surface from a cut line from your craft knife, or a hole from your weeding tool – you need a self-healing mat. This is different to the cutting mat that is used in your Cricut and cannot be used in your machine.

When you cut into the self-healing mat, the mat essentially fills in the cut that you have made, making it largely undetectable. The material that it is made from is not a solid surface but is separate particles, which is why it is able to reform after being cut.

I recommend getting a nice large self-healing mat, the ones that are used for sewing are much larger, and a lot more cost-effective. I have a smaller 12×12 Cricut self-healing mat that I use in my travel kit, but that one is similarly priced to the larger sewing mats.

6. Alcohol Swabs

These come in handy for many different reasons – cleaning your blank before applying a decal, messy tools, spilled glue, even a messy work surface. I use them constantly for everything I work on, and they are never out of arms reach!

They are super cheap, and come in packs of 100/200 – and are well worth it!

7. Creative Fabrica Membership

When starting, it’s so much easier to not worry about designing things from scratch, and this is where memberships come in handy. You can search for whatever design type you want to create, and it will come up with many options to choose from.

You can choose from fonts, SVGs, and also 3D crafts (though, I wouldn’t suggest trying these as one of your first projects!). You can easily upload them into Cricut Design Space, and the subscription is a lot cheaper than Cricut Access.

They have given me an affiliate code for a deal where, when you pay annually, you get the subscription for  $4.99 a month – which is half the cost of Cricut Access! I have been using them for a long time, and I love what they have to offer!

I have a video that covers a similar topic that covers this topic in a slightly different way, but has most of the same suggestions!

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